Trail Running Funchal 2013

The Clube Aventura da Madeira presents the 1st Edition of Funchal Trail, a trail running competition that will be organized with the support of the Municipality of Funchal, on April 21, 2013, with departure and arrival in the center of Monte Parish. One event, two distances – TFX 31km 1550 D + and TFX 19km 480D +.

Join the challenge of Trail Running, practice sports in nature and exceeds yourself!

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The current routes can experience minor changes.

TFX 31KM 1550D+  Courses for GPS here!

The TRAIL Funchal 31km 1550 D+ is a real trail running competition, with the distance and unevenness raising the level of difficulty to very hard. The participants will experience different terrains and surroundings that vary between the 500 and the 1.480 meters of altitude in forest and middle mountain areas, on the residential environment of Monte Parish. Asphalt, dirt track or cement, in  large and easy to run paths, or winding paths and trails, with steep slopes running up and down, very technical floors, stone or gravel, wet or dry, with or without vegetation will make this competition a continual Trail Running adventure.

TFX 19KM 480 D+  Courses for GPS here!

The 19km course with departure from the reception of the Funchal Ecological Park, gathers all the characteristics of a trail running competition, but with less distance and unevenness. It’s a great opportunity for those beginning in this modality or just wishes to enjoy the atmosphere of a competition but in a walking pace.


Distances – Unevenness – Times

TFX 31KM 1550D+

CheckPoint Place Accumulated distance (KM) accumulated unevenness (kM) Estimated passage time of the faster athlete Estimated passage time of the slower athlete Checkpoint Closing Type of Supplies
CP1 Levada dos Tornos
CP2 Casa do Barreiro 5,8 530m 9:00 10:00 10:15 L (água)
CP3 Nogueiras
CP4 Chão da Lagoa
CP5 Casa do Burro 10 1050 9:35 11:15 11:30 L(Isótonico+Água)+S
CP6 Centro de Recepção PEcoF 13 1070 9:50 12:00 12:15 L (àgua)
CP7 Montado dos Curraleiros
CP8 Fonte  – Figueirinha 19,5 1350 10:45 13:30 13:45 L(Isótonico+Água)+S
CP9 Carreiras
CP10 Caminho dos Pretos 24,5 1460 11:10 14:45 15:05 L (água)
Chegada Monte – Largo da Fonte 31 1550 11:45 16:00


TFX 19KM 480D+

CheckPoint Place Accumulated distance (KM) accumulated unevenness (kM) Estimated passage time of the faster athlete Estimated passage time of the slower athlete Checkpoint Closing Type of Supplies
CP1 Montado dos Curraleiros
CP2 Fonte  – Figueirinha 6,5 280 11h10 12h10 L(Isótonico+Água)+S
CP3 Carreiras
CP4 Caminho dos Pretos 12,5 390 11h45 13h40 L
Chegada Monte – Largo da Fonte 19 480 12h20 15h20



31st March 2013 – Deadline for registrations (Normal price)

1st to 7th April 2013 – Extra registrations, with fees penalization

19th  and 20th  of April 2013 – Friday and Saturday – Event Center at Funchal (place to be defined)

Sunday, 21st of April 2013 – Event day.

7h00 – Opening of the Event Centre at Monte.

7h45 – Gathering of the athletes Largo da Fonte – Monte

8h00 – Briefing with the athletes

8h10 – Concentration of the athletes for FX Trail 31km in the start area, chips control.

8h30 – Start of  FX Trail 31km – 1550D+

9h00 – Call, chips control, final concentration and transport of the athletes for TFX 19KM

10h30 – Start of FUNCHAL TRAIL 19KM 480D+

16h30 – Estimated Prize giving ceremony (may be anticipated if all athletes have arrived).


The online entries can be done until 31st of March 2013, filling in the form available at . Between 1 and 7 April the organization will accept entries with fee penalization and no warranty of souvenir of the event.

From 8 April on, the entries are depending on prior acceptance of the organization and have a 100% penalization on the fee entries.

For logistic reasons the total number of participants is limited to 300 in all the distances, except if the organization consider that there are logistical conditions to overcome the number fixed.

The registration will be valid only upon payment of registration fee until 31st of March 2013, which should preferentially be made by bank transfer. Supporting documents should be sent to the email

Data for Bank Transfer:

CAMadeira – Clube Aventura da Madeira,

Banco Millennium BCP

NIB: 003300000004833716327

The registration at the event involves understanding and accepting the rules and regulations established by the organization. The lists of entries will be published weekly on the event page.

The data provided in the registration are responsibility of the participant and will be used for insurance purposes.

In case of adverse weather conditions that prevent the realization of partial or overall route on the day of the event, the amount paid for entries will not be refunded.

Participants who have their own SI-Card (Chip) can use it in this competition, indicating the number, when registering.


Entries Fees

Until 31st of March 2013

TFX 31KM – 15 Euros

TFX 19KM – 13 Euros

From 1 to 7 April 2013

TFX 31KM – 20 Euros

TFX 19KM – 17 Euros

Participants who have their own SI-Card (Chip) benefit from a discount of € 1 

Entrie fee includes: personal accident insurance, supplies, souvenir and certificate of participation.

The cancellation of confirmed entries does not imply refund of the registration fee by the organization.

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